Pain Management

The first step to managing your animal’s pain is assessing the degree and location of the pain. 

Sometimes it is clear that your animal is in pain. Maybe you’ve already had a diagnosis from your primary veterinarian of a back injury, knee injury or a chronic disease (think hip dysplasia or arthritis) and you’re just looking for other ways to address their pain or other symptoms. Sometimes the presentation of pain is more subtle (especially in performance animals) when they just aren’t acting like they used to.

Oftentimes, a mostly-resolved previous injury can leave an animal with lasting pain that you notice in day-to-day life at home but when you visit the clinic, your animal is nervous and guarded and is able to cover up and disguise that pain.

I begin the assessment by reviewing your pet’s medical records and any history you have, and getting to know your animal making sure they are relaxed and comfortable for an in depth physical and neurologic exam.  Once I have as much information as I can gather, we will discuss your goals and make a short and long-term plan to achieve them. This may include supplements, medications, food choices, exercises, weight loss plans and more. 

Fee: $110

There may be additional charges based on the temperament of the animal and the time it takes to complete the exam and any appropriate therapies. 

All listed fees are in addition to a house call fee based on your location that averages $30 for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley.