If I have examined your pet within the last 12 months I can meet with you via phone or video chat.  With these updates, we can continually change and add to your animal’s specific treatment plan and address any new concerns. Especially in this COVID era, if you would like a follow-up but wish to maintain social distance, this can be a great option.

If I have not examined your pet in the last 12 months I can review their medical records, create a tentative treatment plan, and offer generalized recommendations including whether your pet should be seen in person. However, I cannot diagnose or prescribe medications without examining your pet at least once per year.

This can be a very valuable service especially  if your pet has had several veterinary opinions, has a long or complicated history or you are looking for the next step.  If I feel that making an appointment with me is not in your animal’s best interest, I will happily recommend another option. 

Fee: $55